January 3, 2021

Top 6 Best Smart Led Light Bulb in India 2021

Top 6 Best Smart Led Light Bulb in India 2021

The market is flooded with a variety of Smart Led Bulb lighting options, but the ones which have recently gained great popularity are the LED Bulb that are Light Emitting Diodes. LEDs are simple inventions in the lighting industry but with great potential. LEDs are the future of the lighting industry.

With an increasing need to safeguard our natural resources, it has become our prime duty to start contributing to the global shift. LEDs have been known as more energy efficient alternatives to the traditional lighting systems and are far more controllable and visually appealing than compact fluorescent bulbs. LED Bulb lights are also cool to the touch and don’t contribute to increasing in temperature in your house.

Wipro Smart LED Bulb WiFi Enable

Top 6 Best Smart Led Light Bulb in India 2021


Wipro WiFi Enabled Smart LED Bulb B22 9-Watt with 16 Million Colors + Warm White/Neutral White/White.The wipro smart lighting Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. 0You can schedule the turn ON & turn OFF time as per your need.

You can also configure the same to turn ON automatically in the evening and turn OFF with sunrise. Also schedule it to turn ON before you reach home from office.

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Syska 7-Watt Smart LED Bulb

Top 6 Best Smart Led Light Bulb in India 2021


The Syska smart bulb uses a wireless technology that allows you to control the lighting of your home from anywhere in the world. It offers you 3 million shades and different tones to make any occasion extra special. With Syska’s smart bulb, you can change the mood of your space within seconds through a mobile app called, the ‘Syska Smart Home LED’.

Discover a world of features such as setting schedules and scenes, grouping devices, voice control, etc. Syska smart led bulb save energy while you add style and color to your space. This bulb is compatible with 2.4 GHz modem only.

Philips Smart Wifi LED Bulb


Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED Smart bulb puts you in complete control of your lighting with smart bulbs that are easy to use, functional, and affordable. Philips smsrt led bulb made all your favorite high-quality Philips bulbs smarter, just connect them to your existing Wi-Fi network.

Smart Color and White Light – Live life colorfully. Dynamic light modes make any room glow in your favorite color. Control your lights wherever you are using the WiZ lighting app or your favorite compatible voice control device.

Halonix Wifi Enabled Smart LED Bulb


The Halonix prime prizm smart 12-Watt LED bulb with Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) connectivity lets you control every aspect from your smart phone or tablet. Adjust the lighting as you want to set the right mood and atmosphere. Set your lighting no matter where you are in the world, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Change the shade to a million colours and choose the tone to match your mood from the colour palette.

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TP-Link Smart Light LED Bulb


Control your lighting from anywhere with the LB110. The smart bulb installs as easily as a standard light bulb and connects to your home Wi-Fi in no time through the free Kasa app. Kasa also lets you manage your lights with your smartphone or tablet, including adjusting brightness, setting schedules and scenes and tracking energy used.

For added convenience, you can use your voice to control the LB110 when paired with Amazon Alexa. Dimmable white color. Equivalent to 60W.

Helea Smart Bulb compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant

Top 6 Best Smart Led Light Bulb in India 2021


Helea is an Indian Smart Home brand with a mission to simplify lives through innovative and affordable Smart Home devices. Helea wi-fi smart led bulb create scenes & automayions. You can simply connect with 2.4 ghz wifi router without nay additional hub. Above we listed Top 6 Best Smart Led Light Bulb. You can also view more Smart led light bulb from here.

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