February 25, 2021

The 10 Best Folding Survival Knives for 2021

A knife is undoubtedly a vital tool to have on hand for survival. however for serious survival purposes, the best folding survival knife will be a convenient way as considering it as a very useful weapon at your disposal. you could also use a falling survival knife as a backup. in case you cannot use a larger blade rather than as a prominent knife of choice. In here we listed the top 10 best folding survival knives for 2021.


Best Folding Survival Knives for 2021


Made from premium carbon steel materials the Kershaw dividend is the best folding survival knife. for its best features and functionalities, we listed it first. Made it very lightweight design constructed from high quality 420 hc stainless steel.

Its elegant drop point blade with a stonewashed finish offers an outstanding edge holding capability, strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance make. it capable of withstanding any rough survival scenarios.

Besides it features a comfortable one-handed operation with speed save assisted opening. it uses a torsion bar to move the blade out of the handle. creating a ball smooth, secure, fast one-handed blade deployment for any instant need.

It also comes with a durable anodized aluminum handle. It offers scratch and stain resistance to use for a long time.

Its four-position pocket clip allows tip-up or tip-down. carry on both the right and left sides providing users the most versatility. the cursor dividend is an essential knife because it’s a high-quality material. the lively design which will serve you with the best efficiency in any situation.

Benchmade 560BK-1 Freek

Best Folding Survival Knives for 2021


The Benchmade 560 bk1 freak is known for its incredible durable Futures. It Provides form and functionality for any uncertain scenario. built from incredibly durable CPM m4 steel.

Its drop point blade is designed for hard usage. pushing the limits of what a folding knife can do during the needs of survival cases. Its axis long is solid and ambiguous. which means it can be opened and closed with either hand ensuring perfect flexibility for any need for survival.

Its gray and black clear g10 on a red base. anodized aluminum barrel spacers not just make the knife look cool but also make it grippy and robust. this reversible pocket clip on the handle also offers ultimate accessibility for you.

The Benchmade 560 bk1 freak is an excellent folding knife. It offers high-quality blade material along with great durability and functionality. which you can use in any survival situations where you need it the most.

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Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS Folding Survival Knives


Specifically designed for tactical purposes. the smith & Wesson SW mp4 ls is one of the all-around fixed plate knives available on the market. made with 4034 stainless steel it comes with a 3.6 inches drop point blade.

The black finish on top ensures that this plate can stand alone in any survival situation without a problem. this 8.6-inch knife has a black and gray aluminum handle which delivers a secure grip and will fit on a hand.

It designed with a strap cutter glass breaking tool and a pocket clip so that you can get your job done very quickly. this 7.6-ounce knife also has an ambidextrous thumbhole. With wesson, you can experience a comfortable grip and get that extra leverage while cutting.



Get yourself introduced to sog seal XR flipper knife. a large hard-used tactical folder made right here in the USA. it brings an aggressive profile and silky smooth opening to be in your hands pretty confidently.

It comes with a 3.9-inch stainless steel blade that deploys quickly and easily on ball bearings. the blade is also circuit coded for added durability.

This knife features a durable glass-reinforced nylon handle. also has got an extra locking mechanism to keep the beefy knife locked in place while working.

You’ll have both the thumb hole and flipper tab as opening options and also multiple sets of jimping on both the spinet blade and handle. the knife comes with a reverse little pocket clip and it is grm handles. it’s lightweight and easy to carry in uncertain situations.

Emerson Bulldog BT with Plain Black Blade


The EMERSON BULLDOG BT is the big brother to the standard model larger and rougher. this one knife you’ll want by your side. featuring a straight 3.2-inch stainless steel blade that comes to a piercing tanter point through prominent angles.

The bulldog is a very straightforward knife. it supports the box that you can handle with the finger guard paired with a patented Emerson wave feature. it offers quick out of the pocket deployment when surprise combat is essential.

This nice finger trail and thumb wrap with the patented wave opening feature do an excellent job at preventing your fingers from slipping forward on the blade.

The Emerson bulldog has been a favorite among law enforcement officers looking for a practical small yet sturdy knife. so get your hands on and see for yourself what makes Emerson bulldog so dependable. Get this survival knife Emerson Bulldog on amazon 2021.

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Zero Tolerance 0223 EDC Manual Opening Knife


Designed by team galleon, the o223 takes its inspiration from a classic military knife to provide maximum advantage and leverage in situations.

Where every inch of performance counts. it comes with a classic 3.5-inch bowy blade. made from CPM 20 cv steel in a black DLC coating that makes it durable and ensures laundry. this knife features earth brown g10 scales in the handle.

It mimics the original military leather stacked handle. while stationed in frame lock provides additional stability. it features zt’s kvt ball bearing system combined with a highly ergonomic flipper makes the o223 quick and easy to open in fast space situations.

for convenient carry experience, this survival knife has got a reversible pocket clip made out of bent steel and features. A black Teflon finish for stealth.

Cold Steel RECON 1 Tanto Point Plain Edge


The colesteel recon one tanto point plain edge is a popular knife that delivers dependable performance with its unique features. IT equipped with cutting-edge features.

This survival knife is sharp as a scalpel available in 2 and 4-inch blades and tough as a tank solely because of its CPM s35vn steel blade moreover. this blade is very durable corrosion-resistant and ideal for long-term usage.

Also, it’s equipped with a triangle lock and ultra-reliable lock mechanism. when it comes to strength shock resistance and durability along with safety for your fingers. its g10 handle provides an amazing grip on your hand while you’re using the knife for survival in demanding conditions.

The cold steel recon one tento to point plain age is an excellent folding knife. It is just an example of combining survival and self-defense features in a unique design.

Gerber Swagger A.O.

Best Folding Survival Knives for 2021


Designed for easy deployment and safe actions the Gerber swagger ao knife is an affordable survival knife. you can reach for in uncertain situations. its high-quality partial serrated blade cannot be ignored.

Made of strong 7c r17 mov stainless steel. its drop point shade blade is durable and wins black titanium coating. it provides amazing corrosion resistance even for a long period of usage.

Its assisted opening 2.0 is designed to offer a buttery smooth and safe opening action for easy usage. while its reliable plunge lock secures the blade during usage. also weighing at around 2.8 ounces.

It comes with a textured scales coated g10 composite handle. It offers superior quality, great texture, moisture resistance, and amazing grip. the Gerber swagger ao is a very portable design that is amazing for any advantage situations.

Best Folding Survival Knives Kershaw BRAWLER 1990

Best Folding Survival Knives for 2021


Kershaw dominates the everyday carry knives on the market. the brawler 1990 combines great style with great function in a value-priced knife. you can rely on it in every situation.

It comes with a modified 3.2-inch stainless steel tamper blade with an extra thick blade tip for robust piercing capabilities. it has also got DLC coating for required stealth in any uncertain situations.

These knives handle is made out of injection-molded glass-filled nylon. It’s ergonomically designed to stay in your hands. whilst jumping in the black of the blade offers extra traction.

The brawler is equipped with speed to save just pull back on the blade protrusion. the speed save assisted opening system takes over moving the blade out of the handle and ensures. it’s always ready whenever you reach out for it.

KA-BAR 3050 MULE Folder

Best Folding Survival Knives for 2021


The k-bar 30-50 mil is the falling answer to the traditional k-bar face blade. sturdy construction and pure heft insured. this survival knife will surely withstand any test you dare put it through.

It comes with a 3.8-inch stainless steel bait with a hollow grind for amazing coating power. while its durable thumb studs assist in one-hand opening for either right or left hand users.

This survival knife has got rubber inserts to ensure a comfortable and sleep-resistant grip. the handle nice stays in your hands as you work.

It comes included with a nylon shape with velcro and snaps closers. You can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a belt for convenient carry. made famous by k-bar the meal st as versatile, reliable, and rugged to be in your hands in every uncertain scenario.

So, that was the list of The top 10 Best Folding Survival Knives. You can buy it online on amazon 2021.

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