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How to Start A Blog and Make Money Online

Start A Blog and Make Money Online

The blog content guide is created for users like you, who are just starting and know little and nothing about blogging. After the article, you start a blog and make money online. Here we are talking about a paid plan. With a paid plan you can get many features but you can also do it for free

You have a niche and idea to start a blog, but you need a good name and space where you store your files. It’s called domain and hosting.

How to Start a Blog & make money online

Before we starting we point out some tropic for you:

  • Pick a blog name (domain)
  • Get your blog online (web hosting)
  • Choose your Niche
  • Design your blog with WordPress
  • Write your first blog post
  • Connect Analytics
  • Promote your blog and get readers
  • Make money from your blog

What is a domain name and how to choose a domain name

A domain name is the URL or web address where people find and visit your blog or website. (like our domain

Choose a domain name (Buy a domain from GoDaddy)

  • use .com
  • sort and sweet
  • easy to remembers
  • easy to say and spell
  • easy to type
  • easy to pronounce

A custom domain name is like For a domain, you need to pay $12 to $15 per year but most hosting companies give you a free domain when you buy their hosting plan for 1 year.

You can use the domain name suggestion feature to check if your domain name is available or not. Enter the name you have picked and it will show available domain name suggestions.

  • Find related to your niche
  • Don’t use too long a domain, try to make it shorter
  • don’t use domain name extensions like .info .net .club .xyz

These tips help you to find a great domain. Get extra offers when you buy a domain name from Go-daddy.

Picking hosting for your blog website

Now, ready to publish your blog on hosting. Web hosting is where your blog is installed. This is a server that runs 24*7 and all of your blog content and everything will be stored on this server.

The good thing is hosting is cheap. There are plenty of hosting companies that provide services for your blog. Here are the best hosting companies for beginners and small business owners.

Go with your hosting plan and next connect your domain with your hosting service. If you use the same companies that provide both domains and hosting then you are good to go.

Starting with From $2.95 with Hostinger (Free .com and SSL). They provide in best price and support. I am also using personally Hostinger.

How to connect domain and hosting?

Connecting domain and hosting is pretty easy when you follow the steps. For those who are using different companies’ domains and hosting, you need to connect both.

Copy your hosting name server and paste it on Domain DNS management. If you are using the same companies domain and hosting then nothing to do anything.

How to connect domain and hosting in Hostinger

Choose your Niche: What is your Blog About?

The first thing you need to do is find the niche of your blog. I hope you don’t plan to start your blog about every random thing and make money. But my suggestion is to work with single tropic, the better chance of success.

For example, if you are starting a blog with a single topic you will grow easily, and if you start with multiple topics, it’s somewhat difficult. I can’t say you don’t get success but it’s working slowly.

Moreover, Google which is the biggest search engine prefers a website built on a single topic.

How to find the topic of your blog?

  • Find the topic that you know better than anyone. Try to think about the topic that you must try to talk about
  • create a blog that you usually read about
  • work with pan and paper to noot down the points.

Design of your blog: install WordPress and design it

Go to your hosting account and select your domain and install WordPress on it. If you don’t know how to install WordPress, go and search on YouTube with the hosting company name that you used. Here is how to install WordPress on Hostinger.

Blog design is the most important part of your blog. Because a good design blog ensures that your visitors will love your blog.

In WordPress, there is a concept called WordPress theme. With WordPress, you can start a blog site design what you want to make. Get the best premium WordPress themes for your blog.

There are too many free WordPress themes are available on the market. I recommend you to use a premium theme because you will get all support and a starter guide. Join our Telegram channel to get a free premium WordPress template.

List of Top Best Free WordPress Themes for Your Blog

Buy premium WordPress theme from ThemeForest

What is a plugin, How to install WordPress plugin into your blog website

The plugin gives you additional future, like more customizable, speed up, and many more. On the market, there are thousands of WordPress plugin available. Some are free and paid.

Best popular WordPress plugin on ThemeForest.

Here are some plugins which you should have on your newly created WordPress blog

  • Yoast SEO
  • WP Rocket
  • Jetpack by WordPress

Plan your content: Write your first blog post

Before you start writing your first blog post you should make a plan to create your blog post. You can use excel, Wordpad, and tell the board.

Writing tips for you

  • When you writing your post-mining that there is next person and you are talking to the personal
  • Fill all the aspects of the tropic
  • Don’t use a copyrighted image
  • Embed video from youtube.

How to find free use image on google?

How to add an important page to your blog

Some of the important pages must be added to your blog. It gives your blog authentication or genuine. Google also recommends these pages.

  • About us page (Write the detail about your blog)
  • Contact us page (Contact us page help readers to contact you)
  • Privacy policy (Your policy page)

Connect Analytics: know your readers

Connecting with Analytics is very important. It means you can analyze your readers or visitors – where they came, how much time they spend and many more and it’s free.

Here is the best paralytics platform that you can connect for free

  • Google Analytics
  • Bing webmaster tool

How to connect with Google analytics

How to connect with Bing analytic

Promote your blog and get readers

How do visitors find your blog? Website visitors are real humans like you and me! They come to your website to know some information or buy a product.

There are many platforms available to promote your blog for free. You can freely promote your blog on YouTube, Facebook, Medium, and many more website.

Here is the Top 10 list to promote your blog for free

How to create a youtube channel in 2022

Make money from your blog

Now it’s time to make money from your blog but how? There are lots of platforms available that you connect with them and they sow advertisement to your readers and you make money. Google AdSense is free and best for bloggers. You can also sell something and do affiliate marketing.

How to apply for Google AdSense

Top 10 Best Google AdSense alternatives for your website.

That’s all, I told you all about how you can Start A Blog and Make Money Online.