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How to Find Best YouTube Channel Keywords

Find Best YouTube Channel Keywords

YouTube channel keywords are basically word phrases or search terms. Keywords actually describe your YouTube channel information and context about your channel. It helps youtube to understand what is your channel about and who your target audience is. Channel keywords also help you to increase the visibility of your channel.

Why are youtube channel keywords important?

Youtube uses channel keywords, descriptions, and titles to understand your channel or content that you produce. It also helps you to rank your channel that your audience searches on youtube for a specific keyword.

How to Do YouTube channel Keyword Research

Before we going to find the best youtube channel keywords, here are some points that you understand to research youtube keywords:

  • See yourself, what you write in the youtube search bar to find a specific video
  • A keyword is a group of words, some are long and sort
  • Find some relevant keywords about your channel
  • Think like a human, not a robot

Here is the list of Best free YouTube keywords generator tools for you

Find relevant keywords about your niche

Finding relevant keywords is not a hard task. Think about your niche and open a notepad to write the related word. Ex. My channel is about “smart tips and tricks” and related keywords will be…

Use the YouTube search bar to find keywords

Have you noticed when you type a word on the youtube search bar, it autocompletes every query?

Here I type “How to find YouTube Channel” it automatically suggests me to the next words. These keywords are relevant to your search result. If youtube is recommending this keyword it means people are searching for them.

Use notepad to save this keywords list to understand and find the best keywords for your channel. You can also select and copy this keywords list to your notepad. Use these tricks to select, copy and save.

You can try this alphabet game to find out the best keyword. Write your keyword and use a latter after the keyword.

Here I type “How to find YouTube channel K”. It suggests me relevant keywords that start with “k”. Use any letter like “A” “B” “C”, it automatically suggests you to next. This trick helps you to find long-tail keywords.

Use Google search to find keywords

Google search is one of the best platforms to find the best keywords for your channel. When you type a search term on the Google search bar it automatically suggests relevant keywords.

Google also recommends quality video content at the top of the search page. You can research those recommended videos

Search a keyword on Google and scroll to the bottom of your search result. You see lots of keywords that are google sow you related to your original search.

This is another method to find the best keyword for your channel. Lots of tools are available and give permission to see what they using in their channel.

Here are some best tools that give you that permission. Install this browser extension and see your competitor keywords

  • VidIQ
  • Tubebuddy
  • Semrush

Best keyword research tool for your YouTube

These tools are paid for, but you can use them for free with limitations. After you paid from youtube you can upgrade it. There upgrade version is ultimate.

You can’t believe what you getting in the upgrade version. Use any of them when you are free after you subscribe to the best one that you like.

How to use VidIQ keyword research tool

How to use tube buddy keyword explorer

How to use Semrush keyword magic tool for Youtube

Use Google trend to explore your youtube keyword

Google trend is another best method to find keywords. You can see what’s trending in your region or another. You can also see the time and region when a keyword was trending.

These all methods help you to choose the right keyword for your YouTube channel. Make a YouTube channel keywords list then find and select the best for your channel.

It helps you to grow your YouTube channel fast. Note: create quality content for your viewers and try to understand your audiences.