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The Video Formula: Best Sales Video Maker Training | Learn More

The Video Formula: Best Sales Video Maker Training

Have you ever posted a video online and almost NO-ONE watched it? No-one commented? did nobody like it? Shared it? Clicked the link to buy your offer?
So, here we introduce you to the best Video Formula that creates a Sales Generating Video in less than 60 Minutes. You could do all of that with only your smartphone. If you repeat this process with every video you publish in the future your visibility increases exponentially.

What is inside The Video Formula Training?

Inside this best sales video maker training, you will get 10 KEY INGREDIENTS that you need to make your videos outperform your competition. Doing with just one or two steps formula you can boost the performances of your video. But when you combine all 10 ingredients it booms up your winning.

This Sales Video Formula Training has been battle-tested by some of the top marketers and influencers and has the power to drive massive results and Make Videos Go Viral.

In this coaching, you’ll learn the 10-Ingredient Formula that may assist you to:

• Get your videos detected
• Get viewers to CLICK and WATCH all the methods through to the end!
• encourage watchers to love, Comment, and SHARE your videos with others!
• Increase your SALES, and turn more “viewers” into “customers”!
• And much, much more!

Headline Hacks: How do I create a winning headline?

One GREAT headline could mean the difference between getting 100 views on your video and 1 MILLION views!

You could create the most incredible video that has the power to change people’s lives. But if nobody clicks on it and watches it, it worthless. That’s why the power of the headline comes in. Inside the Headline Hacks, they will show you What to Say in your Headline to increase the clicks and views on your video

After the Headline Hacks, you’ll know how to:

• attractiveness to your audience’s deepest wishes during a method that describes it higher than they can!
• Builds SO much curiosity, they can’t help but **CLICK**
• Get them to need the information in your video SO bad, that they have to STOP what they’re doing, and WATCH.

How To Not Be Awkward On Camera

Imagine touching the ‘record button’, and feeling your anxiety fade, in order that you’ll be able to deliver a sleek, powerful message!

Why so many marketers are scared to go on camera because they think that they will be awkward or they are do something that makes stupid. It can slow or stop the growth of your business. That’s why this video formula will be the best training for you.

Smart Phone Video Hacks: DON’T need an expensive video camera
You don’t need an expensive video camera to make great videos that generate a ton of views, comments, and shares. Your SmartPhone can do that.

Scroll Stopping Hacks

What’s going to make them do a double-take and CLICK on your video? In this video formula training, they’ll share with you some of the MOST successful, crazy, and creative ways to steal your viewer’s attention long enough to share your message and get them to take action on your product or service.

Get ‘The Video FormulaRIGHT NOW, And I’ll Throw In 3 HUGE BONUSES!


They also offer a 30-Days Money back guarantee. Their voice is simple “Love It or Leave It”.

How do I create a sales video for my Business?

1. Teach the viewer (your customer) everything that you know.
2. Be honest with your Brand Voice.
3. Make customers engage for laughs, gigs, and shares.
4. Make short video Clip
5. Start Teaching.
6. Get Personal, Quick replay important customer query.
7. Solved customer’s problems.

How Does It Help You MAKE MORE SALES With Your Online Videos?

What if, there is a way that we could get More Leads & More Sales every time we posted a video or did a live stream, or run a paid video ad.

This sales video maker uses the same process to produce videos and ads for influencers like you and me and many others. The Video Formula NOT ONLY applies to videos. We can use it on our websites, landing pages, ads, emails, blogs, social media, mailers, and more.