Viralurl: Protect Boost and Build leads for Affiliate Marketing 2022

Viralurl: Protect Boost and Build leads for Affiliate Marketing

All the benefits that you get with your free membership

  • Earn Up to 50% on the upgrades
  • Viral text ads in the ViralBar
  • Email your newly won members
  • Credit ratio for your ads
  • Cloak your links for free
  • Get own statistics
  • Click links in the emails



Viralurl: Protect Boost and Build leads for Affiliate Marketing

Protect your affiliate commissions, and see detailed click statistics which of your advertisements are successful. and that for absolutely free!

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Marketing is a very tough industry – but if you get it right, it’s very profitable too! You might be wondering why some people are making really big bucks on the internet while others are just “crawling around”?

Those who make the money apply a few simple concepts and know exactly how to protect themselves from thieves and scammers. has combined almost all the important functions that you need as an Internet marketer

About security: you need to protect your affiliate links. If you don’t, you could lose up to 50-60% of your legitimate profits in the process! Studies show that the normal internet marketer could generate at least twice as many sales. in other words: you could have at least double what you are now making on your campaigns!

Imagine that the campaigns that are making you lose might actually be quite profitable in reality, but you don’t know this. ViralURL does many jobs, but the most important of them is protecting your commissions!

The shocking truth is that you are being betrayed! There is no question that many customers cannot bear that someone else earns something from their promotions, even if this has always been the case with recommendations and even if they are not at any disadvantage.

Free membership Benefit

  • You can email your newly won members and their referrals every 5 days, all 5 times according to this principle.
  • You can earn up to 50% on the upgrades (upgrades are for people who want to use the built-in mailer and more banner and viral bar credit!).
  • You will receive viral text ads in the ViralBar (footer area of ​​the links cloaked with ViralURL). As a free member, you have fixed storage space for such advertisements (Gold members have 5 – more on this after your entry).
  • The credit ratio for your ads is 1: 2 – for every 2 times a link blocked with ViralURL is displayed, you will get 1 text ad in the ViralBars of other ViralULR members. ( Example: You send an email to your list and have blocked the link with ViralURL … 1,000 emails click the link and you will receive 500 credits so that your advert saved in the system will be shown to others if this advert has its own link make ).
  • You can cloak your links for free to prevent your legitimate commissions from being stolen from under your nose! Nobody can see where your link really leads to in order to manipulate it and, for example, buy the product via their own link! At the same time, the link is shortened if, for example, you have a link that would otherwise span 2 lines.
  • You get statistics about how often your link blocked with ViralURL was clicked. So you can see immediately which advertising source is worthwhile for you, and where you will get a lot of visitors. This is essential to decide where to advertise! (So ​​you don’t need to buy tracking scripts, which are hardly available for under € 50 …)
  • If you click certain links in the emails you receive, you can earn additional credits (30 credits per the link you click – the whole thing is 10 times in one day).

How does ViralURL works: What you need to know about

When the visitor clicks on the logo, a new page opens with your affiliate page for ViralURL. If this visitor now becomes a member of ViralURL, he will be added to YOUR mailing downline! From then on you can send emails to him every 5 days and also to his referred members and again to the members of the referred members – a total of 5 levels deep! When they buy your product, you get paid, thanks to the ViralURL protection!

You can also get advertising credit from one visitor and thus your ads will also be displayed in the ViralURL ads of other users. This means you can multiply your reach! So instead of promoting an ugly affiliate link that you don’t even know if you really deserve something, use a lever that makes that one visitor much more and that ensures that your business grows in a viral way!

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