Best Thin Lightweight Gaming Laptop USA 2022

Best Thin Lightweight Gaming Laptop USA 2022

• Smooth Display: The 17.3” 240Hz display delivers a high refresh rate for smooth and vibrant gameplay

• Powered Up: The 10th Gen. Intel Core i7 processor

• Delivers solid high-performance processing power to bring you an unparalleled gaming experience

• Supercharged Graphics: The RTX 2060 features ray tracing to deliver physically accurate shadows, reflections and lighting for better visual gameplay

• Featuring CPU and GPU cooling technology

• Maximize airflow and thermals for smooth gaming and performance within a compact chassis

• Lightning Speeds: Sporting a Thunderbolt 3 port

• Up to 40Gbps transfer speeds

• 100 Watts power delivery for faster charging

• Windows 10 Pro



Best Thin Lightweight Gaming Laptop USA 2022

Best Thin Lightweight Gaming Laptop USA

Best Thin Lightweight Gaming Laptop USA 2022

Be Enchanted with the dragon spirit. Best performance gaming laptops experience a 50% boost in computing from the last generation. MSI gaming Laptop equips the 10th gen. Intel Core i9 processor unparalleled gaming experience. Read more about Best Thin Lightweight Gaming Laptop USA 2022

Get superpowers, the new GeForce RTX SUPER series has more cores and higher clocks for super-fast performance compared to previous-gen GPUs. See your games come to life with super fast ray tracing and delivers physically accurate shadows, reflections, and lighting.

First, with a 300hz refresh rate display, this gaming laptop experiences gaming 5 times faster and smoother visuals on the GS75 stealth.

MSI’s exclusive cooler boost technology ensures optimal thermal dissipation. Stay cool, stay powerful with the world’s thinnest 0.1 mm sharp-edged fan blade design. The new cooler boost trinity+ enhances the fan airflow and provides the best gaming experience.

The laptop comes with up to 7 hours+ battery life. All juiced up for unplugged productivity and entertainment. The battery life varies from specification and system configuration.

Immerse yourself in lossless music and enjoy the premium sound quality with Hi-resolution audio. It delivers 192KHz/24bit Hi-resolution audio output to a better gaming experience.

Thunderbolt 3 is the latest interface to support up to 40Gbp bandwidth with daisy chain capabilities. This gaming laptop also has 3x faster charging output and up to 100w input.

When the plug-in traditional AC and type -c PD adapter at the same time the system power will be delivered only by AC power. PD charging port only supports 65w watts and the above devices. Visit more Best Affordable Gaming Laptop USA 2022