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How to Create A YouTube Channel 2023

create a YouTube channel and make money online

YouTube is the world’s most popular video network owned by Google. Billions of users regularly visit Youtube to see their favorite videos. Everyday people watched million of hours and get millions of views.

Anyone can create a YouTube channel. You need some requirements, A Google account, A valid phone number, and you must be 18+.

YouTube is one of the best platforms to make money online. Lots of creators make hundreds of dollars every month. Freelancer to the business owner, video creator to the traveler, and many more are regular creating video and getting millions of views daily. The starter is also creating their video to build a business.

Create a YouTube channel and requirement

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Creating a YouTube channel isn’t a hard task. Following some simple steps, you can create your youtube channel. Here are the steps by steps process how to create a YouTube channel in 2022.

  1. Google account If you don’t have a google account create one
  2. Valid Phone number

How to create a YouTube channel:

  • Sign in to your Google account and then go to
  • Click to your Google profile icon from the top of the right corner
  • Select “Create a channel“, a popup window will open
  • Name your channel and Click “Create Channel”
  • Your YouTube channel is ready. Now, it’s time to verify, upload a profile picture and channel art.

Verify YouTube channel: Phone verification

  • Click on CUSTOMISE CHANNEL, this button will redirect you to “YouTube creator studio app“.
  • Select Settings >> Channel >> Feature eligibility
  • Click verify phone number
  • Enter your mobile number and click send OTP, note: it’s redirecting to a new tab.

Verify phone number you can get access some extra features.

Change profile picture and channel art

  • Go to your channel by clicking the “your channel” button
  • Go to “YouTube creator studio app“.
  • Select Customization, Click Branding
  • Click “upload” to upload your picture and channel art. If you don’t know, see here how to create a Youtube channel profile and channel art. we help you a step-by-step process how you can create your YouTube channel art and profile easily.
  • Click PUBLISH button from the right top corner.

Update description for your YT channel.

  • After the branding button, you see the Basic info button
  • Click Basic info
  • Under description, write about your channel briefly.

Write Basic Info for YouTube channel

  • Open YouTube studio app
  • Go to settings >> Channel >> Basic info
  • Select your country of residence
  • Enter keywords related to your channel

How to find and update YouTube channel keywords

Change your YouTube channel name

  • Go to the YouTube studio app
  • Select Customization >> Basic info
  • Click Penciled icon to edit your YouTube channel name

How to add links on the YouTube channel

Adding links to your YouTube profile helps you to describe your profile. You can add your social media links, your website link, and others link that you want to introduce your audiences to.

  • Go to the YouTube studio app
  • Select Customization >> Basic info
  • Under the link, section select ADD LINK
  • Write the name of your profile and paste your link