May 3, 2021

How to make drop-down navigation menu in blogger | easy steps 2021

Blogger doesn’t have any default pre-made drop-down menu. But they have an option to create. You can easily make a beautiful drop-down navigation menu. so, here are the steps to create a drop-down navigation menu in blogger.

Different blogger temples have different layout options. blogger menu created with the “Link List” gadget, “HTML/JavaScript” gadget, and editing the template code.

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How to make a drop-down navigation menu in blogger with a link list gadget?

Step 1: Go to blogger dashboard

Step 2: Go to the layout option

Step 3: Find the main menu layout

Step 4: Click the edit button

Step 5: Write your menu name. It will be a blog Labels name or your page name. (write “_yourmenuname” to the drop-down view).

Step 6: Copy the URL of your blogger Labels or page and past it.

Step 7: Save it.

See this video to make a drop-down navigation menu in blogger with a link list gadget:

If your blogger layout menu bar option has an HTML/javascript editor then you can use these steps:

Step 1: Click to edit option

Step 2: Copy the below code

<ul class=’singlemenu’>
<li><a href=’Your Link Here’>Left Sidebar Post</a></li>
<li><a href=’Your Link Here’>Fullwidth Post</a></li>
<li><a href=’Your Link Here’>Right Sidebar Post</a></li>

Step 3: Paste the code where you want dropdown

Step 4: Save it.

Now you can refresh your blogger blog. Dropdown menu successfully adds to your blog.

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