May 11, 2021

How to add a calendar to blogger for free

Adding a calendar to your blogger page allows you to display the current month, date, and year, which may enhance the design element of your blog. Here we share two easy methods to add a calendar widget for blogger websites.

How to add a calendar to blogger?

Methods 1: Add Google Calendar to your blogger website

1. Sign in to your google account

2. Go to Google calendar and click settings

3. Click add calendar from the left-hand side menu and create a new calendar

4. Name your calendar and hit to create a calendar

5. Click the name of your calendar

6. Enable the permission for visible to the public

7. Click the customize button to customize your calendar

8. Copy the iframe code

9. Go to your blogger layout option and add a gadgets

10. Add HTML/JavaScript gadget and paste the iframe code

11. Save your blogger layout and it’s done.

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Method 2: Using third party calendar HTML widget code for website

1. Go to calendar labs or you can search free calendar widget on google (here we use for example)

2. Select any widgets and click use this widget

3. Copy the widget code, you have also option to customize

4. Go to the blogger layout option

5. Add an HTML/JavaScript gadget and paste the code

6. Save it and it’s done.

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