November 3, 2020

Making Secondary Email Accounts for dealing spam free

Making Secondary Email Accounts: Most people have all sorts of spam and junk mail problems in their email account. It can get to a point where using your email is frustrating. since there is more mail you don’t want than mail you do want.

There is a strategy that can help with this problem, and the sooner you adopt it the better. See how we Making Secondary Email Accounts for marketing.

If you currently are getting tons of spam and junk mail, it’s because people who do this to you have got your email address somehow. You have probably put your email address into some sort of email form or used it to create accounts on blogs and websites.

Most people are genuine in the fact they don’t share your email, but all it takes is one to sell or give your email address away for you to get tons of spam. The longer you have your email address the worse the problem tends to become.

One strategy is to make secondary email accounts. These are not ones you use for business or personal purposes but to sign up on sites and give your email address away for information.

This means that if someone that you give this email to starts to send junk mail or spam, it doesn’t matter, as it doesn’t go to your main or “real” account.

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Making Secondary Email Accounts

You can create secondary accounts in many ways. Often your ISP will let you create several, or if you have a Web site and hosting your hosting company will typically let you create all you want.

They are also plenty of free email services that will work quite well, including Gmail and Hotmail among others.

Your personal account will be used just for people that you actually email back and forth. Your secondary account will be for offers and other things. When in doubt, use your secondary account. When this box has too much spam to deal with, delete it and make another one.

Since email accounts are free take advantage of using more than one so that your personal email box doesn’t have so many problems. Note that if your email box currently gets tons of spam making a secondary account won’t make your email box clear up. You may have to make a new personal email account that has never been found by the spammers.

This should help you with the email and spam issues that you are facing. Of course, some people may never get the word and keep email your old account, so only do this as a last resort.

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