December 20, 2020

How do Create Strong Password? Ideas for choosing a password!

A password is a memorized secret which also calls a passcode. There is really only one thing Standing between your sensitive information and criminals your password. If criminals get it they get into your bank account and private files and wreak havoc. Creating a strong password is important for your security.

For this reason, it’s important to know how to create a strong password and make it secure.

You use passwords every day to open your computer, log on to your favorite websites to get work done. The easy route is to have a simple password that works everywhere. Unfortunately, this can be a problem. Criminals are very goods at gassing passwords.

Some have computer programs that can make millions of guesses until something works, if they already know information about you, it is easier.

Your job is to create a password that is very hard to guess. Here’s how your first thought may be to use a pet’s name a birthdate and address Or parts of a phone number. These things are too easy for criminals to discover. So don’t use them.

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Your password should not include information about you. Thankfully there are ways to have memorable but hard-to-guess passwords. In addition, to single words, phrases can also be easy to remember maybe it’s a favorite song lyric or quote.

Choosing to Create Strong Password

  • Use a mix of alphabetical and numeric characters
  • A mixture of upper- and lowercase
  • Combination of letters and numbers, or a phrase
  • Symbols if the system allows

Don’t choose when you create a strong password

  • Your name in any form.
  • Part of your user id or name.
  • Any common name.
  • Your phone or office number, address, birthday, or anniversary.
  • Any all-numeral passwords.
  • Passwords of fewer than eight characters.

An example is Jack and Jill went up the hill. That’s easy to remember. Your password is there. It’s the first letter of each word (JaJwuth). This would be your password that’s not something that’s easily guessed.

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Why Is Important to choose a Strong Passcode?

First, it’s not in the dictionary this makes guessing it harder. There are about 60000 words in English. A computer can test out those words quickly. So don’t use them but there more this password could still be strong by adding upper case letters, numbers, or special characters.

So, now this is very easy to create a Strong password but there’s still a risk. If you write down be careful where you keep it, be aware that someone can look over your shoulder to find it in your trust, giving it to a loved one is also risky. They may not be as cautious as you are.

Only you should know your password. criminals may also try into handing it over via phone calls. Never tell anyone your password over the phone and be careful when you get an email that asks for a password. It could be a scam. To help avoid problems Don’t use the same password everywhere that’s like having one key that unlocks everything you own.

That takes are high risk if you lost it. Also, be careful if you use a computer that’s not yours.

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Let’s say, you check email using a computer in-store, library, or computer lab you log in check emails, and walk away. The next person to use the computer. Now he has access to your email account and all the information in it. Always remember to log out of each site you visit on a computer that is not yours.

Passwords are an essential part of life online and if we’re not careful about keeping them secret they can cause big problems. By understanding the risks and making passwords stronger we can feel a little more secure.

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