November 6, 2020

Create Own Web Page 2021 – How much it cost?

Prior to starting the process to create your own web page, I am presuming that you currently own a working computer, which is connected to the internet, together with some elementary software programs like Microsoft Office.

One of the main questions raised by many newcomers to the world of Internet Marketing is “how much does it cost to create my own web page?”

The greatest thing about internet marketing is how relatively low cost it is to set up a website, compared to a “brick and mortar” shop.

In essence, there are actually 2 main expenditures:

Need a domain name to create your own web page

The initial purchase is the domain name. This will become the actual name of your site.

Internet users will need to key it in their web browser to obtain access to your site.

It can also be referred to as a “Web address” or “URL”. For example, or

It is strongly advised that you buy your OWN domain rather than using a free web hosting service. Pretty much all free web hosting suppliers won’t put a guarantee on a website life expectancy. This means that your website could suddenly be deleted with virtually no notice.

The price of a domain usually starts from $7 per year.

Get your first domain with Godaddy:

Select a Web Hosting account

Internet hosting is the online place that holds your website and connects it to the World Wide Web. You need both a domain name and a hosting account for your website to appear on the Internet.

A word of warning…

Make sure that you purchase your hosting from a reliable, trustworthy, large firm. You certainly shouldn’t buy it from some mysterious, unheard-of company simply because of their cheap rates. You might find out that they abruptly close down not long after you’ve signed up. Unfortunately, when they shut down, your website will shut down with them!

The price of web hosting is typical $10 per month. We also listing the best Webhosting for your startup.

So altogether, supposing you already possess a computer connected to the internet, the initial cost for putting your website online would be around $17.

Here you can see how to make a blog for totally free.

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