March 11, 2021

How to Change Blogger Admin on BlogSpot

Blogger is a free blogging platform, you can earn money for blogging, doing your business and many more. If you don’t have blogger account then register as a blogger and publish your first blog.

Blogger have the options to add or change admin/authors form it control panel. Here are the process to change blogger admin:

How to add new admin to blogger

Step 1: Login to blogger and select the blog

Step 2: Click settings form the menu

Step 3: Under “permission” Click invite more authors

Step 4: Enter the email address which one you want to invite and send.

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When the invited user accept your invitation you can see them form blog admin and author section.

Step 5: Select the user you want to give admin form the list and save.

How to invite author on blogger?

If you are searching this on google the steps are same we mentioned above. With following same steps you will able to invite more authors to your blogger to write, publish and manage your blogger.

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