February 1, 2021

The Best Unique Smart Home Gadgets 2021

Everyone loves the charm of a historical home but nothing can beat the convenience and ease of use that today smart homes can deliver. these advancements in home technology immensely helped us not to only save energy built but also made our life a lot more easier.

In this article we have listed up the top 10 best unique smart home gadgets that can earn a place in your home for sure, so without further do let’s dive in. Here at offsens.com we are a bunch of product researchers and testers we test analyze and research new products and create a list of top 10 best unique smart home products based on price, quality, feature and user feedback.

Singlecue Gen 2 Remoteless Control – best unique smart home gadgets

Singlecue Gen 2 Remoteless Control


Have you ever wanted to control all of your smart home devices with a simple wave of your finger if yes, then the single q gen 2 is made for you. You can connect it with tvs home theaters amplifiers ir remotes and more than 100000 supported devices for effortless control.

If you feel like you don’t want to raise your finger you can command amazon alexa to turn on or off the tv from the comfort of your couch. now the amazing part is you can play pause change the channel of your tv just by hand gestures. let’s elaborate suppose you want to mute the tv all you have to do is lift your finger to the lips in a shush gesture and it is muted, yes it’s that simple if effortless had an example then this device would be that example.

First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound Smoke Detector

First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound Smoke Detector


Protect your home and family from potential fire hazards. presenting the one link safe and sound smoke detector from first alert. a unique smart reliable home gadget device that substantially upgrades your home protection system. because it has both photoelectric and electrochemical sensors.

It not only protects you from fire hazards but also from deadly carbon monoxide as well. with amazon alexa built in it can receive any commands while at the same time it can alert you about the danger type, and where it’s located allowing you to take counter measures quickly and as it is compatible with apple home kit. it can bring a huge level of accessibility to your apple centric home.

Thanks to the one link home app you will receive remote notifications of an emergency 24*7. unlike typical detectors it can be connected with any other hardware alarms in your home but the most jaw-dropping thing is it has an enormous 10 years of battery life. A reminder always better to be safe than sorry.

Denon Home Sound Bar 550


Searching for a compact sands bar to level up your tv sound. then the best unique latest smart home gadgets denon home 550 sound bar can be a great pick with advanced acoustic hardware expertly tuned digital signal processing and premium drivers it can deliver immensive multi-dimensional sound that can leave you in awe.

Further more it comes with a 6 driver array and supports both dolby atmos and dtsx, so that you can get a home theater like experience right at home. By pairing it with amazon alexa you can adjust its volume inputs audio levels and more just with the command of your voice.

It is integrated with all magic music services like spotify, title, tuning these are and many others, so streaming your favorite music is now a lot easier. considering these facts we can strongly recommend this product if you want to submerge yourself in home theater like audio quality.

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Linksys Velop router

The Best Unique Smart Home Gadgets 2021


The newest mesh router from linxy’s velup will support wi-fi 6e connections on the six gigahertz bandwidth to ensure fast and efficient connection at every corner of your home. it has a maximum transfer speed of 4.2 gigabytes per second which is more than double of what a 5 gigahertz band is capable of, so 4k movies or 8k you can stream anything seamlessly.

Offering exceptional coverage and capacity it can handle as many as 120 devices with ease. so even if your home is full of guests it will deliver uncompromising performance your living room to the backyard it can cover 8100 square feet of space so wherever you go you will always remain connected with a lightning fast network.

It is compatible with amazon alexa and has a dedicated app so you can access your home network from anywhere all in all you certainly should get this product if you want unparalleled transfer speed at your home.

myQ Pet Portal


Pets should have the liberty to go inside or outside of the home whenever they want. with that in mind introducing the myq pet portal smart door. designed to replace an existing exterior door it comes with multiple colors and material. in the bottom half you will find the pet door that uses a smart elevator style mechanism to open and close.

There’s a custom bluetooth sensor that is worn on your pet’s collar only that can trigger the doors to open which means no other pets or human can pull any unfunny business here .in terms of specs it comes with a two-way camera with two-way audio functionality enabling you to talk to your furry friend in real time.

Through the myq pet portal app you can customize alerts set preferences get daily reports and many more .lastly all we can say is if you love your pet then you definitely should get the door.

JetBot 90 AI+


The cleaning tasks of your home much more effortless. it relies on a complex system of sensors to navigate your floors and also uses a laser-based lidar to suss out the environment. equipped with a video camera it can identify objects while vacuuming which is the most exciting addition to this cleaner.

Another neat trick this cleaner can do is it can empty itself automatically. from the smartthings app you can control it from afar create a no-go zone add more with little to no trouble. all in all this smart vacuum cleaner can become handy in keeping your home neat and tidy.

Imilab C20 IP camera

The Best Unique Smart Home Gadgets 2021


It is now time to introduce the emilab c20, a mini ip camera that can keep track of what is going on inside your home. It is one of the best unique smart home gadgets engineered with advanced night vision technology. this camera can properly capture crystal clear videos in full hd 1080p day or night to provide your home’s total security without missing any moments.

To complement it even more it has got dual silent motors that can freely rotate in all directions to provide you with a 360 degree field of view just to let you see every corner of your sweet home. besides it offers an imilab home mobile app with which you can see everything inside your home or experience a two-way call to talk to your loved ones or pets in real time.

This tiny toy is unprecedentedly intelligent as it features advanced human detection and motion tracking technology for which it can track adults kids men women and even your pets easily. on top of that when there is an odd sound like crashing breaking or a child crying this camera will detect it and send notifications to your phone to ensure the safety of your child or loved ones.

It also works with alexa and google assistant as well just to give you the convenience you would need in your everyday life. overall this mini yet smart camera will definitely become your companion to let you know everything inside of your home. so no matter where you go you can stay in peace of mind all the time.

360 Video Doorbell X3


Now get yourself introduced to the best unique smart x3 video doorbell home gadgets from 360. which can enhance the security system of your home. featuring a 5 megapixel wdr camera this doorbell can record videos in 1080p resolution with a 162 degree field of view so you will never miss any details.

Additionally it has two-way audio functionality that allows you to talk to your guests family members or friends right from the smartphone. if someone stays more than 15 seconds within its 10 feet range it will identify the visitor automatically and because it has ai face recognition you’ll always know who’s on the other side of the door.

Moreover it can keep 48 hours of clips on the cloud which is free of charge and by adding a micro sd of 128 gigabytes you can record non-stop videos for a long time. it comes with a 5 000 milliampere hour of rechargeable battery that can give you non-stop service of up to six months.



Projecting movies and tv shows in your living room bedroom backyard or anywhere you want is now just a piece of cake. meet the woobloo smash smart projector it comes with 1080p resolution and features dlp technology that lets you indulge yourself in bright colors and vibrant contrast and thanks to the autofocus feature the picture quality won’t ever get blurred.

There’s also a 4 inch led display complemented by a 360 degree surround sound and passive radiators to provide a rich sound quality. it has a powerful battery that allows you to play music for 30 hours and if you stream video you will get a maximum of three hours of battery life.

The company claims it is the world’s first smart projector with amazon alexa built in so that you can turn off the light before projecting a movie just with the command of your voice.

ibi The Smart Photo Manager


People who don’t like the idea of saving photos and videos to the cloud then the ibi smartphoto manager can be more than a personal backup device for you. having one terabyte of space it can contain more than 25 000 photos or 100 hours of videos which is pretty sufficient for lots of people.

You can set up your very own inner circle and share your moment of the day or a nostalgic video privately with your family and friends via the ibi app. using its usb 3.0 port you can import photos via cable there’s also bluetooth connectivity that can be very useful. the setup process is straightforward.

All you have to do is just download the app and it will take care of the rest. in conclusion if you want to share your photos and videos amongst loved ones while keeping them protected then you should get it without thinking twice.

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So this was our list of the top 10 best unique smart home gadgets for you. We get a simple commision when you buy product from our link.

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