Wyze Indore Security Camera Pan Review in 2021

Wyze Indore Security Camera Pan Review

Wyze Indore Security Camera Pan Review in 2021

A Security cam necessary feature is video quality. Here you like to see at least 1080p, high-definition video and a 120-degree field of view. Well, the Wyze Cam Pan goes best security camera for your home. It does have the 120-degree field of view, but it also has a 360-degree pan and over 90-degree tilt. It’s doing really well in terms of its video capacity because it cam basically follow anything going on in a room with its motion tracking capabilities.

The Wyze Cam Pan and we give it full marks for two-way audio. A Security cam necessary feature is night vision. Night basically makes up half of every day. You don’t want to be limited just because your lights are off or the sun isn’t out. You want to make sure that when it’s dark, you’re really getting the most out of your home security camera, and fortunately for us, that is the case with the Wyze Cam Pan.

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Wyze Indore Security Camera Pan Review in 2021

Wyze Indore Security Camera Pan comes with six infrared LED sensors. When you have that going on, you’re sure to capture everything. With those six infrared LED sensors, the Wyze Cam Pan does get a pretty good look at what’s going on, and if you combine that with its stellar video quality, we have to give the Wyze Cam Pan full marks for night vision.

Local and cloud storage is a Security cam necessary feature. You want that local storage on the camera itself so that you cam upload the clips from there. You also want that cloud storage just in case something goes wrong with your local storage. The Wyze Indore Security Camera has both local and cloud storage. For local storage, it accepts up to a 32-gigabyte microSD card. Actually, Wyze sells its own microSD card which we have in our Wyze Cam Pan that makes it pretty easy.

When it comes to cloud storage, you cam save your clips there for up to 14 days. When it comes to local and cloud storage for the Wyze Cam Pan, we give it full marks. Smart platform integration is a Security Baron necessary feature.

Wyze Indore Security Camera Pan Review in 2021

Wyze Indore Security Camera does integrate with IFTT and a little-known thing you might have heard of called Amazon Alexa, the most vigorous and popular smart platform out there.

When you have your Wyze Cam, you get that smart platform integration and for that, we give it full marks. Artificial intelligence is Security cam necessary feature. Generally, it means a camera’s capacity to distinguish between people, pets or vehicles.

Just to cut down the number of notifications you get to your phone. While the Wyze Cam Pan does have motion tracking, and the ability to follow something with its 360-degree pan, it doesn’t have any of those types of artificial intelligence mechanisms built in.

Generally deals with the installation process and how straight forward the day-to-day functioning of the camera is. The Wyze Indore Security Camera really excels in this arena. It’s very easy to set up, I mean, it probably took three or four minutes from start to finish. You essentially plug in the Wyze Cam, make sure it’s on the WiFi, then you place the QR code, and boom, it’s all synced together.

You are just opening up the Wyze Indore Security Camera for the first time, it would be fewer than 10 minutes from start to finish in terms of installation. Not only is the mobile app really facilitating the process, but the functionality of it and how it’s plug and play is really great.

Wyze Indore Security Camera Pan Review in 2021

Wyze Labs Cam Pan

Pro & Cons

The Wyze Cam Pan indoor security camera costs just $30 and includes free 14-day cloud storage and optional local storage. It also works with Alexa and IFTTT, It’s has motion detection zones, cam listen for smoke and CO alarms, and cam send you custom alerts.

It doesn’t work with Google Assistant or have a web app. The mobile app works fine, but could use a design refresh.