March 15, 2021

5 Best Smart Door Locks for 2021

Whether you’re moving renovating or want to expand your smart home there’s a smart lock that’s right for you. Here we listed 5 Best Smart Door locks that replace your current lock without needing keys to unlock your door. enter your unique entry code to get in when you leave lock the door behind you by tapping the keypad.

It’s easy to create many entry codes for your entire family. that you can change anytime or set it to autolog. so you don’t have to think about it. want the same great features for doors without a deadbolt consider a lever lock. lever locks are great for garage doors and home offices. if you want to keep your keys and still enjoy the benefits of a keypad consider a keyed option.

Nest × Yale Lock Key-Free Smart Deadbolt


Most smart locks offer remote access so your phone now becomes your key. these locks make it easy to remotely control your door using an app and your home wi-fi with a simple tab. securely lock and unlock your door from anywhere. set it to auto unlock you never have to pull your phone out of your pocket.

The door automatically unlocks and locks behind you using bluetooth. need to let someone in when you’re not at home like when mom is early. remotely let guests in anywhere anytime.

Create secure temporary keys right on the app for friends family service people. once a set time ends keys are automatically deleted. track your door’s activity so you know who comes and goes. set alerts that matter to you like getting alerted when your son arrives home. for total peace of mind some locks let you check if your door is both closed and locked.

You can also use your voice-assistance like amazon alexa, google assistant and siri to check your door status and control your door.

If you don’t want to touch your front door’s hardware or our renting our retrofit lock is a perfect solution. these locks are easy to install and offer all the same remote access features. they attach to your existing lock on the inside of your door plus keep your keys.

Smart Door locks easily integrate into your smart home network security systems . most smart locks install in just minutes and only need a screwdriver.

Lockly Secure Pro WiFi Bluetooth Smart Lock


This is your old lock boring, old, dumb. your kids are always losing their keys and we sometimes have our hands full. This is Lockly an award-winning smart lock. Lockly smart door lock comes with the latest features in convenience and security.

It’s simple to install and comes in different versions. whether it’s a deadbolt or latch lock and fits both right swing and left swing doors.

When you close the door behind you lockley programmed to auto lock itself. when you’re out and about simply send your cleaner a temporary e key for access. it can be for a single access or access for an entire month.

It send push notifications and tell you when your doors get opened and when they closed. so you know exactly when people come and go.

You can also customize your dates and times. There have guests access codes to used even without them downloading an app.

So like lockly your next door neighbor can come to borrow some milk. when uninvited strangers attempt to guess the code to your door you’re protected by pin genie.

It’s advanced security software that shuffles the numbers displayed on the screen every time. Someone in approaches the lock. while your access codes don’t change the location of the numbers. because there are three numbers in each button. it’s nearly impossible to guess. The correct code before the lock disables the screen due to incorrect guesses.

When you have family or guests visiting and there’s no one home. To let them in, simply unlock the door with lockly app from anywhere in the world.

There also have an advanced fingerprint sensor that you grants access within seconds. For securing families, rentals and businesses, lockley comes in three editions with various finishes. With lockley you can enjoy time with those that matter most. “alexa lock my front door.”

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Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt Smart Lock


The Schlage code smart wi-fi deadbolt is designed to provide peace of mind from anywhere. it works with your phone, your voice, your finger and even a key.

It connects directly to your home’s wifi in seconds to provide smartphone control from anywhere. Ignoring the need for extra adapters which saves you time and money.

So gain peace of mind and upgrade your home to the safety simplicity and style of Schlage.

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Smart Deadbolt Door Lock


The u-bolt pro is modern home security. a smart deadbolt built to make everyday life easier. give visitors like airbnb guests temporary access codes. and with the ultralock bridge wi-fi adapter you can control it all remotely on the app.

Receive notifications when your child gets home from school. distribute e-keys to your friends and family. and the app lets you manage and view logs of who has entered. the ultra lock u-bolt pro is a simple and safe security solution.

The Ultraloq U-Bolt pro 6-1 smart deadbolt has features like 360 degree live fingerprint id. It phoneless entry for the ultimate flexibility and keyless features.

Auto lock and auto unlock for when your hands are full. an anti-peep touch screen that allows you to enter a security code embedded in a random group of numbers.

Your fingerprint is your key that cannot be copied stolen or forgotten. Its dual data encryption with a coprocessor and dynamic key make every single data transfer secure.

So you don’t need to worry about someone hacking your door. Its takes just minutes to install with Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro and you will never get locked out or need a locksmith.

Just use a backup key or an external battery if you missed the alerts. bridget ifttt integration syncs your Ultraloq U-Bolt pro with the rest of your smart home. You can use voice commands with your smart speaker. alexa lock the front door u-bolt pro the ultimate six-in-one smart debt.

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Level Lock Invisible Smart Lock


My door is always open. this is what we tell our loved ones. the people in our lives who are forever welcome in our homes. now it truly can be and you don’t have to change a thing. meet the level lock. the world’s first invisible smart lock design to fit seamlessly inside your door.

Thoughtfully crafted for effortless installation and battery replacement. Engineered from the ground up for strength and durability. It deliver efficiency, reliability and quality you can trust. the level lock invisibly offers you and your loved ones.

New opportunities to live in the moment. Unlock the front door to truly invite people in to have a door that’s always open. same keys, same look, same you and a world of new ways to say welcome home.

So that was the our list of 5 best smart door locks for you 2021.

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